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Buck Lake is an all four-season retreat for people looking to enjoy a summer vacation, spring or winter break or a nice colorful fall. It is an ideal lake for swimming, boating and fishing.

Buck Lake is located within the County of Wetaskiwin, approx 1.5 hrs southwest of Edmonton and 2.5 hrs northwest of Calgary. It is an easy drive from either of the two cities and has amenities close by in two nearby towns. Drayton Valley is located 40 km to the northwest and Rocky Mountain House is 70 km to the southwest.

The hamlet of Buck Lake provides a wide variety of services such as: schools, restaurants, hotels, groceries, fuel, liquor outlet, post office, gift store, hardware store, clothing shop and ice cream shop. Also offers a weekly farmers market, baseball diamonds, mini golf, community center with senior’s center and curling rink.

Fire Hall is located approx 8 kms from Buck Lake Estates.

welcome to Buck Lake
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    Em-te-town, a fun attraction for the whole family (Link)

Escape and see what Buck Lake Estates Phase II has to offer you and your loved ones.

Near Nature ~ Near Perfect !